Ep. 04 – The Writing Process and Early Career Success Secrets from Stephen Tronicek

What’s your screenwriting process?  Ariel and Patrick discuss their own approaches to writing screamplays and welcome guest Stephen Tronicek to the show; a recent college graduate with resounding early career wins. He shares his secret recipe for success and a refreshing perspective on manifesting one’s writing dreams…or shall we say nightmares.

If you want to learn more about Stephen, follow him on Twitter @STronicek!

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Ep. 03 – The Paranormal and Lisa Jay on Writing Inspiration

Ariel and Patrick dig up the subject of the paranormal and discover why Ariel is afraid of, well…everything. Then we are joined by Screamwriter Lisa Jay whose own life experiences with the paranormal have inspired her scary successful screenplays.

If you want to learn more about Lisa, follow her on Twitter   @JLisaJay!

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Ep. 02 – Thuc Nguyen on Diversity and Developing Industry Relationships

Patrick and Ariel discuss taking a stab at quarantine screamplays and are joined by #TheBitchList creator, founder of #StartWith8Hollywood, and trailblazing horror screamwriter Thuc Nguyen, who shares her experiences piloting industry diversity in horror, her thoughts on where horror is headed and gives priceless advice for developing meaningful relationships within the screenwriting community.

If you want to learn more about Thuc, follow her on Twitter  @BiatchPack!

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Ep. 01 – Introductions, Guy Crawford and the Fifelot

Get to know your hosts, Patrick and Ariel, then get under the skin of up-and-coming horror SCREAMwriter Guy Crawford as he discusses his new screenplay “The Fifelot” inspired by the lore and legends of New Orleans, his writing process, the right way to get noticed by industry decision-makers, and confesses the most difficult script notes he ever received.

If you want to learn more about Guy, follow him on Twitter @BogeyGuyC!

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