Episode 58 – Oh, The Camp of it All with Paul Newton and Nate Dalton

In this episode we delve into a seldom discussed topic on the show, the sub genre of camp horror with SCREAMwriter’s on the rise, Paul Newton and Nate Dalton.  They discuss the attributes that make up a great camp horror film, how the sub genre may just be making a resurgence and ways you may be able to stand out by capitalizing on the trend. 

Support their newest camp effort, Haunted House of Pancakes, by visiting here:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/haunted-house-of-pancakes/x/26615221#/


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Episode 57 – Tatiana Suarez-Pico on Breaking into and Surviving “The Business”

We’re joined by working SCREAMwriter Tatiana Suarez-Pico who discusses her not-so-conventional path into the business and some survival tips she learned along the way.


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Episode 56 – We Pitched Remakes of 13 Ghosts and Chopping Mall

Patrick is joined once again by his creative partner in crime and Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead SFX Supervisor, Aaron McLane, to discuss their process on how they successfully pitched a remakes of 13 Ghosts as a television series and Chopping Mall as a feature to the studios and respective rights holders…the rest is history.


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Episode 55 – The Thing About The WGA Strike…

We’re baaaaaack for a surprise fourth summer season.  On this episode, we chat with WGA members and SCREAMwriters Becky Kirsch, Alyssa Clark and pre-WGA SCREAMwriters and past guests Trysta Bissett and Tara C. Hall about the ongoing WGA writers strike, what’s at stake and what everyone can do to stand strong.


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Episode 54 – Horrorigins Winners Circle Season 3 Finale

In our final episode of season 3, we’re joined by three Horrorigins Film Festival winners (Ryan Heinrichs, Brandon Weavil and Mark Steensland to discuss their award winning screenplays, what they think resonated most with their judges and their advice for possibly making your screenplay take home a screenwriting festival or competition prize.


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Episode 53 – Branded Pictures Entertainment’s Thomas Pettinelli Returns for a Conversation on Intellectual Property Rights

We’re joined by a season one guest, Branded Pictures Entertainment’s Thomas Pettinelli, for an in depth conversation about everything you ever wanted to know pertaining to securing intellectual property rights for your next screenplay.


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Episode 52 – The Power of Comedy in Horror Screenplays

We’re joined by comedian, actor, screenwriter and Producer Jeremy Long for a discussion about comedy’s place in the horror genre and how using it can give nuance to your screamplays.


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Episode 51 – Getting it done the DIY way with up-and-coming Screamwriter Rakefet Abergel

When in doubt, grab the bull by the horns and get your projects done the DIY way!  We chat with up-and-coming SCREAMwriter Rakefet Abergel about how she’s making a name for herself by rolling up her sleeves and getting it done via the do it yourself route.  


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Episode 50 – Exploring The Origins and Archetypes of The Horror Genre with Non Fiction Horror Author Mary Kay McBrayer

In our final episode of 2022, we ring in the New Year with true-life horror author and horror historian Mary Kay McBrayer in a discussion about the origins and archetypes of the horror genre and what had kept it such a fixture in cinema through the ages.  We also chat about how researching non fiction horror can help you become a better Screamwriter.  The perfect way to celebrate our 50th episode!


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Episode 49 – Everyone’s a Born Storyteller with Comika Hartford

We’re joined by screenwriter and master storyteller Comika Hartford who believes we’re all born with the gift storytelling inside of us. Join us as she teaches a mini master class in ways to draw that story out of yourself on your journey; whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter or one that just wants to continually improve their craft.


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Episode 48 – How to Be a Strategic Screenwriter with Producer/Director/Writer Jason Scott Goldberg

We speak with Producer/Writer/Director Jason Scott Goldberg about his newest film, Glorious, now on Shudder, and strategies we can all use as screenwriters to get leg up in the industry.


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Episode 47 – Navigating a Path to Representation Success with Kelsey Bollig

We’re all searching for that magical pot of representation gold at the end of the rainbow.  In this episode, SCREAMwriter and Director Kelsey Bollig shines some light on her career path to literary representation success and best practices for ways that up-and-coming screenwriters can land their own.


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Episode 46 – Horror Author Richard Chizmar on Adapting Novels for the Screen and his Partnership with Stephen King

We’re joined by horror author Richard Chizmar for an in-depth discussion about how he adapts novels for the screen, ways to approach both mediums and his long standing, storied partnership with Stephen King.


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Episode 45 – Jeepers Creepers! Upholding the Legacy of a Franchise with Sean-Michael Argo

Patrick and Catie kick off Season Three with SCREAMwriter of the latest installation to the Jeepers Creepers Franchise, Sean-Michael Argo, who discusses Jeepers Creepers: Reborn and his road to success in the industry.


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Ep. 44 – ENVY Live Table Read Season Finale

We’re joined by a full cast of characters for a live table read of Tara C. Hall’s short screenplay, ENVY.

Cast Credits:
Kimberly Dilts – Narrator
Kristen Paul – Fanny
Frankie G – Jack
Krista Amigone – Doctor
Sam Alford – Josh/Jerry
Patrick Mediate – Gabriel 
Catie Moyer – Patricia

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Ep. 43 – Best Development Practices and the Payoff of “the Grind” with Aaron B. Koontz

In our second-to-last episode of season 2, we’re joined by Producer/Director/Writer Aaron B. Koontz who discusses the grind of producing his own screenplays and has a mini development session with Patrick on one of his past screenplays.

If you like to learn more about Aaron, follow him on Twitter @AaronBKoontz!

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Ep. 42 – The Interconnectivity of Screenplays with Horror Novels, Podcasts, Games and More!

We’re joined by the one and only Bonnie Burton who dishes out advice from the perspective of having written for it all…literally!  There isn’t a format Bonnie hasn’t dabbled in at least once, and guess what?  Everything is somehow miraculously connected.

If you like to learn more about Bonnie, follow her on Twitter @bonniegrrl!

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Ep. 41 – Is there a Problem with Today’s Online Screenplay Marketing Outlets?

We explore the controversies and pain points within all the ways currently available for up-and-coming screenwriters to market their work and some potential solutions with Produced screenwriter and a man who has suffered so you don’t have to, CJ Walley.

If you’d like to learn more about CJ, follow him on Twitter @CJ_Walley!

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Ep. 40 – The Verdict on Film School and Investing in Your Success as a Screenwriter with Trysta Bissett

Screenwriter and Producer Trysta Bissett joins us to chat about just how much film school does or doesn’t help in your career as a screenwriter and some key ways that you can invest in yourself as a writer.

If you’d like to learn more about Trysta, follow her on Twitter @TryxorTreat!

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Ep. 39 – In Collaboration with Aaron McLane

Patrick is joined by his writing partner and VFX supervisor for AMC’s The Walking Dead, Aaron McLane, to discuss their partnership and newest horror screenplay Daughters of the Moon (First Phase).

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Ep. 38 – Trash Zines and Reddit Horror with Magdalene Burger

We’re joined by screen and trash zine writer Magdalene Burger who discusses the emergence of rogue online horror writing outlets and their rise in popularity among audiences and Hollywood.

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Ep. 37 – A Conversation with Eugenio Mira on his Legacy with Guillermo Del Toro

Screenwriter Eugenio Mira discusses his relationship with Guillermo Del Toro, reverse character arcs, and his illustrious career thus far.

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Ep. 36 – A Merry Horror Holiday Conversation with Zack Kahn

Grab your eggnog and cozy up by the fire!  It’s a horror holiday extravaganza with Zack Kahn, the screenwriter behind Better Watch Out.  

If you want to learn more about Zack, connect with him on Twitter at @ZackKahn!

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Ep. 35 – A Path to Screenwriting Success with Lee Ann Kurr

SCREAMwriter of the upcoming young adult horror film, STUDENT BODY, joins us for a discussion about her path to success and provides some tools that up-and-coming writers can use to help with pitching their finished screenplay.

If you want to learn more about Lee Ann Kurr, connect with her on Instagram at @lannwho!

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Ep. 34 – Building Unforgettable Characters with Tara C. Hall

We’re joined by screamwriter Tara C. Hall in a discussion about what goes into creating unforgettable characters in a screenplay as well as her experiences as an indie horror screenwriter and creator.

If you want to learn more about Tara, connect with her on Twitter at @womanfilm!

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